Different Kinds of Online Casino Slots

The evolution of online casino slots is unstoppable. Those days were gone when it is being played in a single pay-line. As we can notice, slots these days are played not only in standard three reels but with multiple ones. They have gone high-tech with highly featured amazing video slots that resemble video games you usually play. Thus, for you to know more about them and come up with the best one, here are some of the various casino slot types.

Five-Reel Slots – this game seems to be like a traditional slot however, it has two extra reels. These things typically enhance your chances of winning more cash and make the game more exciting. As you can see, there are a lot of these Five-Reel Slots that are innovated into video slots.

Play slots for free with bonuses – this might sound untrue but believe it or not, there are a lot of virtual casinos that offer these kinds of casino slots online. These are also widely known with the terms “practice games”, “demo” or “fun machines”. As what the name itself implies, players do not have to pay in order to play the game. However, if you win prizes in this particular game then you can turn them into cash. But, there are certain terms and conditions that you need to follow before you can cash in your winnings.

The Traditional Slots – this particular slot is highly similar to the slot game which was first founded in the 1800’s. It has only one pay-line and three reels on it. You can play them with single or multiple coins as a bet; and of course, the winnings highly depend on the combination.

Progressive Slots – this kind of slot is usually a part of various casino slots that offer huge jackpots on them. As we can notice, the jackpot increases after a player bid on the slot. However, winning the jackpot is not that easy. There are even times when the jackpot grows up to millions in just a year because no one has been lucky enough to win the game. When someone does win the jackpot, there is a great chance that the payout also cost a fortune.

Actually, there are still many online casino slots that are available these days aside from those mentioned earlier. So if you think that one of those mentioned above suits your preferences, then it is best to try them out first before placing any bids in order for you not to lose the money you hardly earned.